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WoodCube is created from natural wood and exquisitely hand-cut into 95mm square piece.

Each piece of WoodCube carries infinite vitality. Through unique state-of-the-art nano technology, it possesses unique Far-Infrared Ray and anti-microbial function to give you a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.





Balancing relative humidity

Natural wood absorbs excess moisture from the air.

The natural property makes WoodCube an ideal functional decorative material for places that you always want to keep humidity levels stable like kid’s room, living room, AV room, mini bar and wine cellar, etc.





Retain natural wood grain

No trees on earth share the identical grain and color due to the difference in soilminerals, water levels and sun exposure during the growth of each tree.

Thus, every piece of WoodCube retains its own gradient of color, unique grain and knots for those who emphasize the delicacyof nature's aesthetics.


  Easy and Simple Installation (velcro is option)        
Clean the surface of the location to be installed with Wood Cube and eliminate objects causing uneven surface  

Find the self-adhesive wall mounted velcro panel from box package.
Make sure the Velcro panel is applied flat against the flat surface without leaving wrinkles.
Tear off the sticker on the back and stick it on the wall.

  Find the Velcro strips with hooks from the
box package. Apply two stripes to each Wood Cube.
  Put each Wood Cube onto the Velcro panel according to your desired pattern.(In anytime, You could rearrange the Wood Cube after installed.)  



Wall Decoration Piece

Dimensions: 95 * 95(mm) = 3.74 * 3.74 (inches)

Australian Cypress
American Hard Maple
Wormy Chestnut
Leathered Walnut

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